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We asked and you switched off!

Last updated on 15 July 2019

Bank Holiday Shutdown

Every university shut down period we ask you to switch off all unnecessary lights and equipment and ensure all windows are closed to help us meet our carbon reduction targets and reduce costs to the university.

On Easter Sunday 2019 the university managed to consume 1,833 kWh less electricity than on Easter Sunday the previous year. That reduction alone is enough energy to power the Parkinson Building for a whole 24 hours on a normal working day!

With the nice weather and another Bank holiday fast approaching, you can help by making sure that windows are not open with the air conditioning running and before you leave for the 4 day bank holiday weekend:

  • Switch off lights and close all windows
  • Ensure that as much lab equipment as possible is turned off before you leave – drying cabinets and incubators etc.
  • Check IT equipment including screens and projectors

We understand that some equipment is required to maintain safety or is being used for research purposes and therefore needs to remain on. However, any equipment that is not affected by this, and can be turned off, will help us meet our carbon reduction targets and reduce costs to the University.

Leaving the air conditioning on in an office for one extra hour a day uses enough energy in a month to power a television continuously for a year! And by opening a window when the air conditioning is already running affects the cooling efficiency and puts additional stress on the machine as the open window lets the warm air inside!

Thank you for your support!

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