Director of Estates and Facilities collecting the award for Design Excellence at the Yorkshire Insider Property Industry Awards 2019. Photograph taken by Nick Freeman, 246Photography.

Design excellence award for Nexus

Nexus has been recognised for its design excellence at the Yorkshire Insider Property Industry Awards 2019.

The annual awards celebrate the major deals and developments from across the region as well as the teams of planners, lawyers and architects that made them possible.

Designed by Associated Architects on behalf of the University, the award judges’ comments included: “The £38m Nexus project represents an investment in building relationships between the private sector and academia, and there has already been a good take-up of office space.”

Steve Gilley, Director of Estates and Facilities commented: “Every construction project presents different challenges for us. We aim to provide buildings which offer solutions to new ways of working for our students, staff and business partners. Taking these ideas and developing our requirements into a well-designed building is the task we set our external architects and consultants. I’m grateful for the great partnership with Associated Architects, who have been behind Nexus, and am delighted their work has been acknowledged at these prestigious regional property awards.

James Hall, Director of Associated Architects commented: “We have really enjoyed working on this project and are pleased it has been recognised. A strong ambition to set new standards by the University has enabled us to develop an innovative building that responds to this challenging location and provides a new University ‘front door’.

For more information read about the construction of Nexus and find out more about the work of Nexus.

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Vernon Road reduced to one lane of traffic: 4 – 22 November

Vernon Road will be reduced to one lane of traffic from Monday 4 – Friday 22 November

For staff, students and visitors this will mean that from 4 November there will be only one lane open on Vernon Road while work takes place on the NEXUS Building.

For enquiries please contact: Paul Cook,

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 345555 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pedestrian Access from Clarendon Way to Seminary Street: 3 – 11 October 2019

Date of disruption: 3 – 11 October 2019

There will be no pedestrian access between Clarendon Way and Seminary Street, via the steps, this is due to external construction work on the FBS coLABorate project.

Services to be interrupted: No pedestrian access between Clarendon Way and Seminary Street, via the steps.

For staff and students this will mean: Alternative pedestrian routes are available:

  • From Seminary Street through Chancellors Square.
  • From Clarendon Way along behind LC Miall and round next to the Edge.

For enquiries please contact: Sarah Bacsich, Senior Project Manager, Capital Development – Estates Services

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 345555 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Blooming good results for our Grounds and Gardens

Blooming good results for Grounds and Gardens

The University campus has been awarded a gold accolade for its outstanding grounds and gardens at this year’s Yorkshire in Bloom awards.

The award signifies the comprehensive approach we take to incorporate sustainability, promote wildlife habitats and create a cohesive environment across the campus. The success of the Living Lab projects incorporated with planting and pond schemes was also acknowledged, alongside our innovative approach towards biodiversity.

The Judges commented: “The University campus was a pleasure to visit. The grounds are well-maintained and used as a Living Lab by the various onsite faculties. All plantings are measured using an innovative biodiversity standard to optimise any new landscape features during the planting stage. Successful examples are the maturing and very colourful Charles Morris Garden, The Roger Stevens Pond, The Laidlaw Library Roof Garden and the interactive sensory garden. The presence of a low maintenance urban wildlife garden with an apiary on site located at the centre of campus, reinforces the university’s commitment to raising awareness and implementation of biodiversity considerations. An art trail, walking route and a significant level of interpretation, encourage the casual visitor to explore what is a well presented clean and tidy campus.”

Each of the award entries is assessed against three criteria sections, horticulture, environment and community. The University scored 86 out of a possible 100 which qualified the team for a Gold award signifying excellence of work.

The award also came at a fitting time for two colleagues in the team, as James Wright, Grounds and Gardens Team Leader explains: “We were delighted to receive this award, it’s incredibly rewarding to have our hard work and commitment acknowledged through Yorkshire in Bloom. We work closely with colleagues in sustainability and other colleagues in Estates to ensure we create great spaces for bringing environmental benefits as well as wellbeing benefits to all users of our campus. The Grounds and Gardens team are made up of colleagues with varied experience in this field. Indeed we have been celebrating two of our colleagues,Sam Robinson who has recently successfully completed his apprenticeship at the University and now has a full time position within the team, and Frank Dods, our longest serving member of the team with over 25 years at the University.  It’s a real honour to celebrate this achievement with all the team, who collectively give so much each day to creating a well presented and welcoming campus.”

RHS Britain in Bloom is the largest horticultural campaign in Europe and each year it grows in size and importance and involves more people, groups and organisations creating lasting improvements to local environments.


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Cycle awareness campaign

Cycle Awareness Campaign – 7 and 8 October

Security Services, in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Connect, will launch a new cycle campaign in October aimed at promoting bike security to new students in Leeds.

Security Services will be promoting two strands of cycle safety and security. For just £20 students can buy:

  • a solid D-Lock
  • front and rear lights for their bikes

Malcolm Dawson, Security Services Manager, said“This campaign is aimed at improving cycle safety and security across campus and follows on from last year’s successful campaign.”

Why is cycle safety and security important?

  • A good solid D-Lock makes it much harder for thieves to steal cycles and they usually go for those that are not secured properly or those with rather flimsy locks.
  • Unfortunately, accidents occur with cyclists often riding with no lights during darkness and front and rear lights will be supplied in the package.

Download the poster

We will be on the Precinct (opposite the Union) between 8.30am and 4pm on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 October. Students should head down to pick up a secure D-lock and a bike light set for just £20, whilst stocks last.  For further details contact

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Maurice Keyworth refurbishment project

Creating inspiring and engaging spaces

The Design Office has recently completed the Maurice Keyworth refurbishment project. 

They worked with the Business School to create an inspiring and engaging study space for students to work in a variety of different ways. The space has been divided into zones using furniture solutions that encourage collaborative group work as well as quiet areas for individual study and contemplation.

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LIC building is now the Clarendon Building

LUBS Expansion: Clarendon Building update

The Leeds Innovation Centre (LIC) is now the Clarendon Building.

The Sewell Group Construction has been working on the £2.7m upgrade to facilities that will further advance the provision of education facilities for students within Leeds University Business School.

So far, they’ve had 105 people inducted to the site and 400 metres of refrigeration pipework has been installed. New wall locations have been constructed across all floors forming the new room layouts. Mechanical and electrical works have progressed across all disciplines.
Structural door widening works have continued to all floors.

The Ground floor, which will be a computer cluster will be ready for use as the autumn term begins.

Over the next few weeks, Mechanical and electrical works will continue, floor finishes will commence and the external facade louvre installation will be completed.

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Aerial view of an artists impression of the Technology and Research Facility

Technology and Research Facility

Work is underway to seek full planning consent for the construction of buildings for Centre for Infrastructure Materials (CIM), Institute for High-Speed Rail and System Integration (IHSRSI)  on site at the Technology and Research Facility with work anticipated to commence on site this winter.

The University of Leeds’ Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration will revolutionise the way new railway systems are invented, developed and brought into service. It will be located next to the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone and forms the early phase of an ambitious plan involving local authorities and businesses to position the City Region as a UK centre for rail engineering which will generate jobs and inward investment.

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Brokk the Robot carrying out the demolition work within the Parkinson Building for the Language Centre project

Robots arrive on campus for our construction projects

Innovative methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of construction projects on campus have recently been introduced with success.

A £5m investment to refurbish the Language Centre is currently underway, and as part of the delivery of this, we have been liaising with contractor Overbury to introduce automated technology; Brokk the demolition robot, and Baby Brokk a smaller version, to speed up the delivery of the project.

Brokk the Robot, was appointed to carry out demolition work within the building. There were a number of walls which required demolishing and a series of structural openings at Level 2 to create more daylight for the Language Centre. At one stage a smaller version, Baby Brokk was introduced to carry out additional work.

Brokk the Robot who is part of the demolition works on the Language Centre project

Robert Gale, Estates Project Manager said: “Using Brokk has brought some sizeable benefits to the refurbishment of the Language Centre project.  It has speeded up the demolition work as part of the refurbishment and the robotic technology has improved efficiency on repeatable tasks. Our contractor Overbury have successfully adopted this technology on other projects and proposed to incorporate it for this project.”

Josh Donnelly, Senior Project Manager at Overbury commented: “During the planning stage of the project, the use of Brokk on the project became an obvious decision. Using Brokk is beneficial from a health and safety perspective as it reduces manual labour and exposure to HAVs (hand-arm vibration syndrome) for our operatives. That alone made its use worthwhile.

“Secondly the walls here in the Parkinson Building, where the Language Centre is located, are over half a metre thick and constructed in robust brickwork. We think Brokk completed the demolition works around four times quicker than manual labour would have. As all noisy works were undertaken out of hours in the building, there was also a major time and cost benefit associated with using Brokk which we could bring to the University. It has been a real success of the project so far.”

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Demolition and Construction work to 28 University Road: 28 August – 8 November 2019

Date of disruption: from Wednesday 28 August to Friday 8 November 2019 

Work is being undertaken to dismantle the ground floor extension forming part of 28 University Road. This is an enabling package that will enable future landscape and access works along University Road and St George’s Field to be undertaken.

Effects of these works: There will be restricted access to the building and no access to the parking area in front of 28 University Road.

For staff and students this will mean: 

  • General building activities and noise.
  • Restricted access to 28 University Road.
  • Contractor deliveries and waste removal along University Road.

For enquiries please contact: Mark Lines

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 345555 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation, we apologise for any inconvenience caused during these works.