Gas supply closure

The gas supply to the buildings listed below will be turned off from 10 August whilst Northern Gas Networks carry out the new connection to our main incoming gas meter in EC Stoner.

  • Garstang Building
  • Irene Manton Building
  • IT Services
  • Roger Stevens Building
  • Maths/Earth & Environment
  • L C Miall Building
  • Astbury Building
  • E C Stoner Building
  • Physics Research Deck
  • Staff Centre
  • Food Sciences Building (with Stead House)

Please bear with us as we carry out this maintenance. We need to shut down the gas supply to the Southern Precinct for 3 days to allow the gas pipe that has been diverted previously for Nexus to be connected by Northern Gas Network to our meter and purged throughout the buildings listed above.

Our gas contractor, Morgan Sindall, will be visiting the buildings to isolate gas services locally and to put up notices reminding occupants to turn off outlets and to leave them switched OFF until the work is complete, at which stage the notices will be removed. Please don’t try the outlets until this time which is expected to be late on Friday 10 August.

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Paul Cook on or the Estates Helpdesk on 0113 34 35491