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New café opens in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Last month the School of Chemical and Process Engineering saw a new café open, replacing the previous Houldsworth café space. New café FUSE, one of Great Food at Leeds‘ outlets, comes as part of the refurbishment of Houldsworth Building and offers seating for over 100.

The space offers a social hub for Faculty of Engineering for staff and students to relax from studies, meet friends and collaborate on working projects. The design is bright, airy and welcoming reflecting a modern characterful style that reflects the essence of engineering.

With a high concentration of international students, the new café caters for all with an eclectic mix of grab and go food and drinks and a new Asian hot food counter.

Find out more on the Great Food at Leeds website.

Engineering and physical sciences

One year milestone for School of Engineering refurbishment

Refurbishment of the School of Chemical and Process Engineering is just over one year complete, with a further 12 months to go to project completion.

The project aims to incorporate new state of the art facilities into the Engineering building to enable ambitious growth in academic activity. The new contemporary environment will create open and flexible laboratory spaces and breakout and informal meeting areas.

In the last 12 months work has been undertaken on levels three, four and five and the basement resulting in the refurbishment of 22 laboratories, 3 teaching spaces, an innovative transformation of Lecture Theatre B and the new 24/7 IT Cluster.

Find out more about the School of Chemical and Process Engineering.

Projects Map

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Campus then and now

Campus then and now: Engineering

We’ve been digging through our archive of old campus masterplan photos and found a few images that show the campus throughout the years. This month we’re focusing on the Engineering Building.

Then: Engineering Building  (circa 1963)

Engineering Building c.1963

The Engineering Building was completed during the summer of 1963.

The image below shows the main frontage of the of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, with the sculpture designed by the architect for the building, Allan Johnson of Lanchester & Lodge. The sculpture is an abstract representation of Engineering and is made out of fibreglass.


At the time the new Engineering Buildings were seen as the most important addition to the University’s buildings. In the University of Leeds Development Plan Review of 1963, it mentions the positive feedback from staff and students, ‘Staff and Students are delighted with the splendid new laboratories that cover the whole of the available ground space and the concept of  a staff/student coffee bar in each of the buildings has proved to be a most successful idea.’

Now: Engineering Building (2016)

Now called the School of Chemical and Process Engineering, a full refurbishment project is underway.

Set to complete in 2017, enhancements will include full refurbishment of levels 3 to 5, refurbished laboratories, new Postgraduate research space, refurbished lecture theatres and a new 24/7 IT Cluster.

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Investing in our Leading European, Multidisciplinary Engineering School

Work being undertaken as part of the £38m investment into the School of Chemical and Process Engineering remains firmly on track.

The project is now a quarter of the way complete with completion anticipated for autumn 2017.

New state of the art facilities will pave the way for continued cutting edge research and teaching, whilst a combination of flexible and formal spaces will create a dynamic and contemporary learning environment for students and staff.

By autumn 2017 the new facilities will boast a suite of three purpose built laboratories for research using radioactive materials and a new photonic laboratory that will house £1.3M ultrafast laser plasma implantation equipment.

The process enabled by the laser will create potential applications including toughening mobile phone displays, building functional glasses for use in new types of biosensors, and creating novel anti-counterfeiting technology to protect products. It is anticipated that within four years the facility is expected to be devoting 50% of its capacity to commercial projects.

Find out more about the School of Chemical and Process Engineering project.


Autumn project update

Welcome to the first seasonal update on progress of campus development projects. This quick summary provides an overview of recent projects that have now begun on site within the campus.

Edward Boyle Library

Edward_Boyle_GalleryIn September Phase 2 of building work on the Edward Boyle Library commenced which signifies the start of the refurbishment to the main part of the library.  The building will remain partially open for students to use throughout the year.

The £24.7m investment will allow the development of an Information Resources Hub at the heart of the campus, serving taught and postgraduate students as well as staff, fit for the 21st century and reflecting the University’s ambitious academic vision.

Find out more about the Edward Boyle Library project.


Institute for Transport Studies

Transport StudiesRefurbishment and re-build work to the Institute for Transport Studies commenced in September. The work will result in a significantly improved energy efficient, sustainable and fit for purpose building.

The £4 million investment will extend and refurbish the ITS building, to create a first class learning environment to match the Institute’s standing as a world-leader in transport teaching and research.

The project reflects the success of the Institute, and the corresponding growth in staff and student numbers. It also paves the way for further collaborations – with colleagues across the University of Leeds, with industry and with international partners. The Institute’s pioneering inter-disciplinary approach is at the core of what it does, and a new-look building is a key enabler for future development.

Find out more about the ITS project.


Faculty of Engineering

Engineering-1000x700Work has begun on the £38m full refurbishment of the Faculty of Engineering.

With the current engineering building reaching the end of its useable life this refurbishment aims to incorporate new state of the art facilities to enable ambitious growth in academic activity.

The new contemporary environment will create open and flexible laboratory spaces and breakout and informal meeting areas.

Find out more about the Engineering Building project.

Worsley Building

News - WorsleyPhase 2 of the Worsley Building came on site in September. The 1970’s building will undergo significant transformation work to create a much sought after dynamic learning environment.

The £38m investment will create a new contemporary environment with open and flexible laboratory spaces along with breakout and informal meeting areas.

Find out more about the Worsley Building project