Campus then and now

Campus then and now: Leeds University Business School

Last updated on 9 September 2019

We’ve been digging through our archive of old campus photos and found a few images that show the campus throughout the years. This month we’re focussing on the Business School.

Then: Grammar School, Leeds est. 1859

By 1857, the city of Leeds was growing prodigiously due to the Industrial Revolution. The city conditions were dirty and Harrison’s buildings inadequate for a Victorian education. Therefore in 1857 the decision was made by Rev. Alfred Barry (Headmaster) to move the school to new premises next to Woodhouse Moor.  (n.d). In Wikipedia. Retrieved April 2017



University Business School

Now: Leeds University Business School (2017)

Leeds University Business School is housed in the impressively renovated 19th century Maurice Keyworth Building on the western edge of the University of Leeds campus, which previously belonged to the Leeds Grammar School.


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