Campus then and now

Campus then and now: University Square

Last updated on 9 September 2019

We’ve been digging through our archive of old campus masterplan photos and found a few images that show the campus throughout the years. This month we’re focusing on University Square.

Now: University Square (2017)

The University’s Precinct is home to a new piece of sculpture by Sue Lawty, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Mitzi Cunliffe’s monumental Man-Made Fibres sculpture in 2016. Texta Texens is located in the walkway outside Clothworkers’ South, developing a dialogue with Cunliffe’s Man-Made Fibres above. It was created in collaboration with poet Helen Mort – Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow at the University 2014-2016 – and sculptor Dan Jones.

Engraved in the sculpture is Dr Mort’s poem ‘Texere’, the words literally becoming part of the weft and weave of the stonework, exploring the link between text and textiles, weaving conversations about life and learning, research and education, people and place on campus.

Celebrating the Yorkshire Year of the Textile on campus 

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