Creating the best University landscape

Significant work has taken place to devise the University’s Landscape Masterplan. This plan presents recommendations and explores opportunities for the University to create a cohesive, inclusive and high quality public realm over the next 15 years.

It will complement the historic University campus, and existing context whilst helping us to sustainably meet the needs of future developments.

Some of the key aims of the plan are to re-prioritise the campus for pedestrians and re-enforce the campus’ sense of place and thresholds within the wider public realm. A key step to unlocking this potential will be to redefine the quality of the landscape and public realm within the University estate; we will improve under-utilised spaces, reduce areas of car parking and roads and enrich these spaces and routes with programmes such as new University squares and courts, productive gardens, rain gardens and green infrastructure.

Creating a great landscape also involves the promotion of sustainability throughout the campus by greening, improved water management, promotion of wildlife habitats and by bringing sustainability elements into the public eye, including access, well-being and community development.

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