Phase two of the £16.8m refurbishment to the University Union is now complete. Following the reopening of the Raven Theatre, Hidden Café and Market Square retail area.

The former Raven Theatre, once a derelict space has been redeveloped to provide campus’ only theatre in the round. It’s also been renamed to the Pyramid Theatre and will be the home for University society productions and many other events.

Market Square, the retail floor has been transformed to create a central market with space for society and external stalls and communal seating. Some interior design work within the space is still due for completion and the area will be fully complete by the start of the new term.

As hoardings begin to be taken down visitors to the building will catch sight of the new central atrium which is due to be fully complete after the bank holiday weekend.

Improving accessibility

Throughout the refurbishment of the Union building, there has been a strong focus on accessibility within the building. Visit the newly refurbished areas and you will see improved links between spaces, new ramps and lifts allowing easier disabled access.

We are mindful of the duration of this project and the associated noise and disruption that occupants and visitors have incurred. We are aware also that at times accessibility has been compromised for which we sincerely apologise; working in occupied buildings is always difficult and we will continue to endeavour to mitigate the effects of the construction work.