LUU reception foyer

Leeds University Union upgrade underway

Last updated on 10 September 2019

Main works to transform the Union Building are now underway

Aidan Grills, Chief Executive of Leeds University Union talks more about the project.

The deal has been done, the plans finalised, the asbestos stripped out and Sir Robert McAlpines’ builders can finally start on site as the main contractor for the Union Upgrade. As Celebrate Week was in full swing at the end of April 2016, final arrangements were being made to the phasing of activity which should see the Union Upgrade project delivered by the end of next April 2017. This is much sooner than expected and part of the proposal submitted by SRM which showed they understand how important it is to our work to consider the year around student activity we need to maintain.

Interior design work has been developed, with significant attention going towards maintaining the key aspects of the Old Bar we all want to retain whilst we upgrade the furniture, kitchen and behind the bar areas.

One of the most exciting aspects to show people is the new Raven Theatre which will really feel like a brand new asset to our venues. Every time I get to tour people through the area through Mine, even those who think they know LUU well, are excited about the potential this offers.

Current Activity Programme

An overview of the key activity expected over the next few months is outlined below:

  • May 2016: SRM starts on site in phased approach to programme of work covering Old Bar, the Riley Smith Hall and Pulse.
  • June 2016: Work begins around the Foyer, Stylus corridor and Mine.
  • August 2016: Work begins on the Raven Theatre, Central Atrium, Common Room, Market Square and further works to the Foyer. Works to Pulse and the new Terrace kitchen will also be completed at this time.
  • September 2016: Completion of Old Bar, Riley Smith Hall, Mine, Terrace Kitchen and first phase of the Foyer.
  • December 2016: Completion of Central Atrium, Common Room, Market Square, further works to the foyer and the Raven Theatre.
  • January – April 2017: Work will be completed around the North Entrance, backlog maintenance and new Studio spaces.

Thank you to so many students and staff who have supported us to get this far along the way to refurbishing our building. The Union Upgrade is well and truly under way and we will see the results in new activity in the next academic year!

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