Removal of Meadows Teaching Rooms: 24 – 26 March

The Meadows Teaching Rooms are provisionally due to be removed.

Vehicle access and pedestrian routes will be altered while the building modules are craned onto a lorry and taken away. Due to the weather preventing earlier planned dates the work is now scheduled for 24 – 26 March. However, these works may take four days. Any date changes will be communicated via this disruption notice and across our social channels.

Effects of the disruption

Vehicle Access to Western Campus During This Time

  • There will be no vehicle access to Western Campus via Clarendon Road, all vehicles are to enter and leave via the Moorland Road entrance (making this open to two way traffic).
  • Signs will be placed at both vehicle entrances and along the roads on Western Campus, advising this and that traffic will now be two way.
  • A traffic marshal will be positioned at the Moorland Road entrance during these times.
  • Each lorry will be accompanied out onto Moorland Road by further traffic marshals, who will assist with directing traffic and pedestrians, as the lorry travels out onto the highway. They will be wearing hi-visibility clothing. Pedestrians will be asked to wait at a point away from the vehicle either side of the pavement (and lorry) whilst the lorry travels out and when safely passed, they will allow pedestrian and vehicle traffic to resume. Pedestrians are requested to listen to the direction of these traffic marshals.
Footpath Diversion
  • The footpath diagonally across the grass by the Meadows Teaching Rooms building will not be accessible during this time and two footpath diversions will be in place, one along by M&S and one the Innovation Centre side.

Map of the disruption of the removal of the Meadows Teaching Rooms



Text-based instructions:

  • Vehicle access to western campus is restricted to Moorland Road. Access from Clarendon Road will be closed. However, pre-booked coaches will be able to access western campus via Clarendon Road.
  • From Moorland Road there will be a two-way traffic system in place.
  • The footpath that cuts through the grass area next to the Meadow Teaching Rooms is closed.
  • Pedestrians will be able to walk along the pavement adjacent to Leeds University Business School where a temporary footpath will be in place to access Clarendon Road.
  • The loading will take place outside the M&S Company Archive.

For enquiries please contact: Sarah Bacsich,

If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 34 35555 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.