Screenshot of the Esther Simpson time-lapse

The Esther Simpson Building: progress so far

Since the last project update in June there has been major progress at The Esther Simpson Building project on Cloberry Street.

Recent update from BAM Construction:

    • We have completed forming the basement structure and poured all the higher slabs.  We have only the remaining ground floor slab to install on site under the lecture theatre.
    • Now the Upper Floors have been cast we are able to start installing the main roof for the new building.  Materials will be brought in a lifted up using the site crane to allow the works to progress.
    • We have had built 203 pre-cast panels with windows for the envelope of the building.  Some of these weigh up to 8 tonnes and is the reason we have such a large crane on site.  They will be hoisted into position and bolted to the side of the building.
    • Additional Cabins – we will be installing a new cabin complex to deal with Covid restriction in the Meadows area on the 26th August. Storm Jameson Plantroom – we have now commenced works in the plant room required to feed the new building.