Ground investigation activities at Spen Farm

Last updated on 28 February 2024

Ground investigation activities will be undertaken at Spen Farm at locations labelled ‘Energy Pile Opt A’ and ‘Energy Pile Opt B’ on the below image between Monday 26th February and Friday 1st March, from 8am until dusk.


These investigations are to determine ground conditions in these locations. Once complete, there will be an inspection chamber (manhole) cover raised on a low plinth however this should not be conspicuous. There are two GI locations for each of the two sites.

Every effort will be made to avoid disruption, however there will be some noise during the activities. Please note that there will be a preliminary excavation activity taking place which will determine the scope of the full GI activities to take place over the course of the week. Following this initial investigation, it is expected that only one of the two sites will see the remaining GI activities.

Reason for works/service interruption

Academic research into the geothermal response of shallow boreholes

Effects of this interruption upon building occupants


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