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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Creating and maintaining a safe environment

Based in the Facilities Directorate building, the Facilities Directorate and Professional Services Health and Safety Hub provide health and safety advice across a wide variety of areas: Construction, Estates Maintenance, Residential Services, Commercial and Campus Support Services, Libraries, Professional Services and IT.


Senior Health & Safety ManagerClaire
ext 35352
H&S Manager (Construction Lead)Martin 38824
H&S ManagerLouise 35994
H&S ManagerEmma 35958
H&S OfficerTim 35368
H&S OfficerJim 35974

The team work closely with a specialist and experienced asbestos management team


The University has a wide variety of buildings across campus, many of which were built when asbestos was a widely used material.  Before any work is undertaken that breaches the fabric of the building or its services the asbestos register must be consulted.

For information and advice contact the asbestos management team.

Contractor Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring that works undertaken, commissioned or managed by us are carried out to the highest standards of health and safety; protecting our employees, students, members of the public and contractors.

Working on site

To ensure contractors understand the University and the standards required, they must complete several steps before being allowed on site:

  1. All contractors and consultants are assessed by the Safety team to ensure they have the relevant memberships/accreditations, systems and processes and relevant qualifications. The contractor must submit an assessment form which asks for health and safety relevant information to their work, this will be assessed by the Safety Team.
  1. The University has a high number of unique risks, therefore any contractor who wishes to undertake work for the University must complete our online induction. This can be arranged via the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk.
  1. When contractors have completed the induction, they must then obtain an induction card from Print and Copy Bureau.
  1. When working for the Facilities Directorate all contractors and consultants must comply with our health and safety requirements set out in our document Building a Safe Environment.
  1. Contractors will be subject to contractor monitoring from time to time to ensure they are complying with University Standards.
  1. All contractors and consultants are required to sign in and off campus through via our bespoke online Contractor Management Portal, SOTER, every time they work at the University.

Restricted Areas

Please be aware that arriving at the Facilities Directorate without arranging prior authorisation will result in access being delayed or denied.

Authorisation from Estates and Facilities is needed to allow access to these restricted areas managed by Estates and Facilities (for example; roofs, ducts, plant rooms, risers or similar spaces).

Your contact in Estates and Facilities should be notified in advance to ensure access can be provided. You may be required to provide relevant training records, risk assessments and method statements prior to authorisation being granted for the activity planned in these areas.

Telecommunication contractors requesting access onto our roofs should contact the Estates and Facilities’ Helpdesk at least 24 hours before arrival on site to request authorisation.

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Event Safety

The Facilities Directorate Safety Hub can provide help and support to ensure a successful event by commenting on any Event Planning Application Form (EPAF) sent to If you need an electrical supply for an event, please ask the team for a copy of  ‘Electrical Specification for Temporary Events and Exhibitions’ and ensure you discuss this requirement with Estates and Facilities.

Please note that events are not allowed on St, Georges’ Field.

More guidance

Banners and Signage

Estates and Facilities Technical Officers will work with you to assess the suitability of the signage/banner for your preferred location.

Request banners and signage

Vehicles on Campus

If your suppliers or contractors are driving on to campus, they should be aware of campus driving rules which can be provided by the Safety Team.

Key points are:

  • Wheelchair users, pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised vehicles are given priority at all times.
  • There is a 7.5 mgw weight restriction for heavy vehicles and plant crossing the bridge accessing campus via the South Entrance (adjacent to The Edge).
  • Typically speed limits are 5 mph in a pedestrianised area and 10 mph on all internal roads but may be lower in some locations.
  • Avoid reversing wherever possible, if a driver has to reverse, they must ensure they have a safe system in place. This may include the use of cameras or additional person(s) to assist any reversing movement. DO NOT just rely on reversing alarms and flashing lights.