Works to reduce carbon emissions in the Brownlee Centre

Last updated on 17 January 2024

Works to reduce carbon emissions in the Brownlee Centre will commence from Monday 5 February until July.

The works include the removal of biomass boilers to be replaced with new heat pumps to the plant room within the building. The biomass hopper will be removed from the front of the building and replaced with new compound for the heat pumps. A new upgraded mains power supply will also be installed.

There will be two instances of one-day shutdowns to switch between the old and new power supplies (one in April & one in July). Disruption notices will be issued when the shutdown days are confirmed by the contractor.

Effects of this interruption upon building occupants

The contractor will be operating on site, located within a small area of the car park in front of the Brownlee Centre. There will be some noise disruption, particularly during the first two weeks during the removal of existing biomass boilers and biomass hopper. However this will be kept to a minimum where possible.


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