Fire Alarm Testing – April 2023

Last updated on 12 June 2023

An operational testing of the fire alarm systems has been scheduled to take place between 24 April – 27 April, from 6am – 9am, at the following locations:

  • EC Stoner – 24 April
  • Worsley – 25 April
  • Fine Art – 26 April
  • School of English – 27 April

Commencing at 6am, fire alarm sounders will be activated during the testing for as short a duration as possible. From 9am onwards detectors will be silent.

In the unlikely event of the sounder continuously sounding, please evacuate the building.

Services to be interrupted


Effects of this interruption upon building occupants

Audible fire alarm sound.


For enquiries please contact: Fire Alarm


If the above member of staff is unavailable, you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 343 5555 or e-mail:

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.