1.1 The aim of the Facilities Support Services is to provide a high quality, teaching space support service which is fit for purpose and supports the University’s core business.

1.2 This Service Level Agreement sets out a clear framework for facilities team to deliver in central timetabled teaching space including the services and standards provided, rooms serviced, and how the services will be monitored. This Service Level Agreement applies to the Central Teaching Space inventory only.

1.3 The Service Level Agreement will be reviewed annually, led by the Service Manager – Facilities Support Services

1.4 Any comments about this Service Level Agreement should be directed in the first instance to the Service Manager – Facilities Support Services

The Support Services

Team Objectives

The central team and partner providers will provide a range of value-for-money, high quality technical (audiovisual and IT) and related customer support services in centrally timetabled teaching space. The purpose is to support University teaching and learning and the enhancement of the student experience.


A number of facilities teams are involved in the delivery of the full range of customer support services to central teaching space – including for example, technical and facilities teams, cleaners and others. The facilities teams managed centrally and by partner providers will each deliver coordinated support to include:

During normal hours:

Term time: 8:00 to 18:00

Vacations: 8:30 to 17:00

  1. A helpline/contact point published in each room, indicating where the service provider is contactable at 0113 34 35555 or eshelp@leeds.ac.uk
  2. On-call staff to rectify minor faults
  3. Competent staff on hand to show users how to operate equipment
  4. Training for users will be provided by the central or local team providers, as necessary
  5. Appropriately trained staff on hand to manage emergencies, e.g. fire alarms
  6. Staff available to provide a daily room check (checklist provided) to ensure:
    1. Room stocked with all consumables – pens, cloths, bulbs etc
    2. All AV and IT equipment functional and ready for use
    3. All emergency equipment checked – eg fire extinguishers
    4. No health and safety/security problems
    5. Record keeping and reporting mechanism for faults, complaints, accidents etc
    6. Monthly CTS room audit to take place in approximately 50 CTS rooms (to rotate) to ensure all required checks are taking place
  1. IT & AV support
    (Separate/special arrangements may apply to conference support and other special events)

    1. Staff available to provide a weekly health check on all AV & IT equipment installed in CTS
    2. Technical support, ensuring that all equipment is functional, is the responsibility of the central team or partner provider.
    3. IT/PC support is also the responsibility of the central team or partner provider. Central IT provide 3rd-line support via their agreement with FD for CTS rooms.
  2. Regular customer feedback (via questionnaires and customer contact/calling) will be undertaken by the central team and partner providers in order to monitor service performance and inform service levels. Service performance is set out in section 3.0.
  3. Health & Safety Checks
    The service provider/manager of the central team and partner provider locally are responsible for undertaking the following health and safety checks, seeking advice as necessary from Estate Services Health & Safety Manager or Safety Services.

    1. Six-weekly fire checks
    2. Annual fire risk assessments
    3. PAT testing
    4. Ladder checks (if used to support CTS)
    5. Weekly room checks for spot-checking hazards eg trailing cables, flickering lights.

Routine Servicing will include:

  • AV lamp replacements undertaken within one working day, where the projectors are accessible
  • Minor repairs within one working day
  • Repair, arrange repair (or replace) faulty AV/IT items within four working days
  • Report problems relating to heating, air conditioning, lighting etc. to Estates Helpdesk for rectification (costs are met centrally)
  • Report/request minor repairs/replacements to furniture and other fixtures and fittings in central space via the Estates Helpdesk (costs are met centrally)
  • Reporting the unavailability of rooms/facilities at the earliest opportunity to Student Support Services
  • Ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on equipment and facilities in teaching rooms is communicated to the central database on CTS facilities, managed by Student Support Services.

Additionally, as required:

  • Check (and replace) missing dry wipe pens, board cleaning cloths and erasers
  • Carry out spot checks on projection devices
  • Visually check the condition of lamps on OHPs and related equipment
  • Check and rectify any Health and Safety problems (eg damaged electrical cable; obstructed fire exit.)

Daily Tasks:

Respond to requests for help from users as required

  • Partner provider staff will check regularly to ensure booked rooms are unlocked and accessible and secured when finished with for the day – working closely with Facilities staff if available.
  • Ensure rooms are clean and tidy for the start of the teaching day
  • Ensure that rooms have sufficient chairs and tables for published capacity and are set up in the standard configuration at the start of the teaching day
  • Solvent clean whiteboards where necessary
  • Ensure that all furniture and equipment is in good working order.

Annual Tasks:

  • In line with any annual plans agreed in the future by the Head of Commercial & Campus Support Services and central teams and partner providers, work collaboratively across centrally timetabled space to organise any programmed maintenance, cleaning and redecoration, or refurbishment as appropriate
  • Similarly, the central team and partner providers to work collaboratively on PAT testing and logging of all electrical equipment in the teaching spaces.

Servicing does not include:

  • The service provider will not normally be available to operate equipment (e.g. play video or project slides) during a lecture/teaching session.

Performance Monitoring and Review


Facilities Support Services will review the services provided to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction and maintain a robust system for the management and measurement of performance against specific tasks and indicators.

Key Performance Indicators

The Service Manager – Facilities Support Services will lead and coordinate the monitoring and review of service provision. Performance in respect of the services provided will be measured and reported regularly to him/her, using the following performance indicators:

Daily fit for purpose

  • Consumables
  • AV/IT Equipment
  • Cleanliness
  • Fabric


  • Time to attend fault or provide information to users of the teaching spaces
  • Time to replace spent consumables


  • All equipment PAT tested within the specified date –
  • All equipment recorded on University SAP inventory and Central Teaching Space database
  • CTS locked outside of core hours where practicable

Continuous monitoring of call-outs will be carried out using a log containing the following information:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Lecturer/Teacher
  • Course/Module
  • Reason for call out
  • Time on site
  • Outcome

Regular reports on callouts will be undertaken by the FD Helpdesk, and Facilities Support Services will be expected to undertake regular customer satisfaction monitoring reports as necessary on trends, and report the findings to the Facilities Directorate.

Complaint procedures

User complaints

The aim of the Facilities Support Services team is to deal with all user complaints promptly, effectively and efficiently. Facilities staff are expected to take immediate remedial action at local level to resolve a complaint, and to take steps to avoid a re-occurrence. Any matters of dispute or dissatisfaction that remain for a user, after having been addressed by any Supervisor in the area concerned, should be escalated by the Supervisor, on behalf of the user, as follows:

First Level

The matter should be raised with the manager responsible for the service section involved who will review the matter within two working days.  If the matter is complex and it is not possible to fully resolve it within this timescale, then an interim response will be made within the two working days, and the matter finally resolved within five working days. The service manager concerned will also report the matter at the outset, to the Facilities Support Services Manager, and notify them of its resolution.

Second Level

If the user complaint remains unresolved, it should be referred to the Facilities Support Services Manager. They will review the matter and endeavour to resolve it within two working days, or if complex within five working days, as described in the first level.

Third Level

If the user complaint remains unresolved, it should be referred to the Facilities Support Services Manager. They will review the matter and endeavour to resolve it within two working days, or if complex within five working days, as described in the first level.

Other complaints

Other comments or complaints and issues raised about delivery matters should be referred to the Facilities Support Services Manager. Similarly, the Facilities Support Services Manager will raise any other complaints and issues with the appropriate senior staff and include in the service review process as appropriate.