Image of Fareeda Al Wakeel, Susan Preston, Bethan Corner and Vicky Zhuo holding their green plaques together

Green plaque scheme celebrates students making a difference to campus spaces

Last updated on 9 May 2024

A new initiative that celebrates University of Leeds students who have made a difference to campus spaces and university life has been launched.

New green plaques have been unveiled at an event at the Postgraduate Research Lounge and will later be installed at the sites of four campus projects developed following student suggestions and feedback.

Each plaque details the contributions individual students have made towards getting each project off the ground, whether through activism, campaigning or by working with Leeds University Union.

The scheme has been developed by Leeds University Union and the Estates team to recognise the contributions students are making to the future development of campus.

Student-led projects being celebrated include the accessible lift in the Parkinson building, the Postgraduate Research Lounge, the Women in STEM Conference and the common lounge for commuter students.

Ann Allen, Director of Campus Innovation & Development said:

“Our campus is only relevant because of all the amazing things our students and staff undertake here at Leeds. Celebrating the successes through the Green Plaques is so exciting as it makes both people and place relevant.

“As we reshape the campus through Campus re-imagined we want to keep learning from all our University communities to make sure we are achieving our aim of creating amazing spaces on campus that are sustainable, inclusive, and innovative.”

Among the students being recognised is Fareeda Al Wakeel, who studies Medical Engineering at the University. Fareeda initiated the Women in STEM Conference, which celebrates women working in STEM related disciplines.

fareeda posing with her lecturer for a picture

She said:

“This plaque is a symbol of me being heard and appreciated. This started off as a really small idea. I wondered to myself, ‘why aren’t there more female lecturers on my course teaching me any engineering related module’?

“That created a very nice case for me to go ahead and do something about it. Receiving something like this pushes me to do even better.”

The plaques will be installed later this year.

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