Parkinson Building

Net Zero Delivery Plan launched

Last updated on 11 December 2023

The University of Leeds has recently shared its Net Zero Delivery Plan, with the Facilities Directorate leading the work to deliver a net zero estate.

As part of the Climate Plan, agreed in 2021, the University has committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The plan includes several major new projects and marks an investment of £153 million by the University.

Enabling work has begun and designs can be finalised for projects to help reduce emissions. The main building work will begin in 2025.

How are we committing to Net Zero Delivery Plan?

Initial projects as part of the University’s net zero commitment include:

  • Investing in new renewable energy generation to provide our grid electricity requirements across campus. The first phase of this will match our current grid electricity usage, cutting emissions by nearly 2,000 tonnes CO2e per year.
  • Upgrading the Worsley Building, one of the highest energy consuming buildings on campus, by installing solar panels and a heat recovery ventilation system to reduce energy use associated with heat loss, reducing emissions by more than 1,000 tonnes CO2e per year.
  • Developing a new localised energy centre for the engineering cluster of buildings, reducing emissions by emissions by nearly 1,000 tonnes CO2e per year.
  • Securing an increased electrical supply to campus from Northern Powergrid that will enable us to address the decarbonisation of our heating network.

You can read the Net Zero Delivery Plan by clicking on this link.