Lecture room in Esther Simpson Building

Estates team collaborate for teaching innovation

Last updated on 25 October 2023

Michael Hern, Teaching Space Support Team Leader explores the teaching spaces at the University of Leeds using the feedback from students and academic to reshape learning spaces into modernised environments.

Exciting new teaching spaces across campus have been shaped by feedback from students and staff says Michael Hern.

Over 15 years Michael has seen our 400 teaching spaces transform from ‘chalk and talk’ to innovations such as microphone-enabled tracking cameras used during teaching sessions in the Esther Simpson Building, as he explains in the following video:


Michael Hern, Teaching Space Support Team Leader said:

“Using technology and great design is important for many reasons. For one, it means that academics don’t have to turn their backs on students while they teach to write on a board.”

Research shows that this kind of innovation enhances the student learning experience.

Also in Roger Stevens, spaces were designed with walkways so that teaching staff can interact with students rather than ‘delivering’ material from the front. 

Digital transformation is at the heart of the University’s strategy and the Estates and Facilities team in the University’s Facilities Directorate deliver projects across campus with this at their heart.  

“Stemming away from the traditional practices has enabled positive change. The latest ideas and feedback have contributed to creating a community and bringing people together.”

This is certainly true of the new lecture theatres at Roger Stevens where small details make a big difference. Students said they wanted more space to store bags and coats and that wellbeing was important. This has resulted in imaginative storage facilities and a green wall. 

“The work is challenging but very rewarding. I’m very proud.”

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Temporary steam shut down – February 2023

Last updated on 20 April 2023

Temporary steam shut down on Saturday 18 February, 8am – 2pm and Sunday 19 February, 8am – 2pm.

Building no. and name

0355, 0356, 0357, 0358, 0359, Henry Price, 0044 SCAPE, 0001 Fine Art, 0038 28 University Road

Effects of the disruption

Services to be interrupted: Heating and hot water.

Effects of this interruption upon building occupants: No heating and hot water until critical repairs have been completed.

With exception of Henry Price (all blocks) – immersion heaters will be switched on for hot water supply


For enquiries please contact: Matt Easton

Email: m.d.easton@leeds.ac.uk

Contact number: 0113 343 5251 / 0777 5074 225

If the above member of staff is unavailable, please contact the Estates Service Helpdesk on 0113 343 555 or email eshelp@leeds.ac.uk.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Security Services standing outside the Great Hall building, featuring the electric vehicle

Security Services increase electric fleet

Last updated on 6 February 2023

Now with four fully electric vehicles and one hybrid, the Security Services team are contributing to the University’s reduction in fleet admissions. Around fifty per cent of University’s entire fleet are now electric.

Our Climate Plan’s central pillar of Net Zero emissions by 2030 highlights the importance of tackling this reduction.

Mark Bownass, Head of Security Services, says that the vehicles have other benefits too.

“The team uses charging points on campus so never have to leave the site to buy fuel, meaning they are available 24/7.”

“The servicing costs are lower and no oil is needed. Some of the team are in the cars for long periods of time – such as those patrolling overnight – and they report that the cars are comfortable, very well-fitted and technically agile.”

Find out more about the University’s commitment to Net Zero by 2030.

Pictured left to right: Operations Manager Greg Evans and Security Officers Tayyab Hanif and Sohail Masroor