No pedestrian access to the rear of LC Miall building

Last updated on 9 January 2024

Until further notice, and with immediate effect, there will be no pedestrian access to the rear or LC Miall building via Clarendon Way for safety reasons.

There will also be no pedestrian access or thoroughfare using the footpath as per the drawing below.

Services to be interrupted

Pedestrian access in this area is restricted to emergency exits from LC Miall only.

Please use alternative routes through campus.

Barriers will be in place to keep people away from this area.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Image showing LC Miall disruption


For enquiries please contact: Claire Copley

Contact Telephone Mobile: 07718 120 600

If the above member of staff is unavailable, you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 343 5555 or email:

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.