Closure of Vernon Road

Last updated on 20 April 2023

To enable completion of the paving works Vernon Road will be closed on 9 November, re-opening on 11 November.

There will be no through route on Vernon Road during this period.

Effects of the disruption

  • Vehicles will not be able to access Vernon Road.
  • There will be a diversion in place through Physics Deck to access the Multi-Storey Car Park.
  • Vehicles will also be able to access the Multi-Storey car park via Willow Terrace.

Services to be interrupted:


Effects of this interruption upon building occupants:



Alternative access routes are highlighted on the map below.

Vernon road closure 9-11 Nov 2022


For enquiries please contact: Brian Ford




If the above member of staff is unavailable, you have any general queries about our services or would like to add or remove a person from this email list, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 3435555 or e-mail:

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Roads and Pavements Closed for Road Resurfacing Work

Last updated on 17 November 2022

There will be disruption to road and pavement access during road resurfacing work on these dates;

Please read dates in conjunction with the annotated google maps image below;

  • 5 September – Leeds City Council Highways will be resurfacing part of the roadway on Clarendon Road
  • 5 – 9 September – Eric Wright Construction will be resurfacing the roadways on Lyddon Terrace, Lifton Place and Cromer Terrace.
  • Leeds City Council will be working at the top of Mount Preston Street, however, they know about all the road closures in the area and will provide essential access for the university and residents etc.
  • Refectory deliveries must use the rear deliveries entrance via. Mt. Preston Street and Cromer Road.
  • Staff and parents visiting the Nursery must use the green route via. Mt. Preston Street then onto Back Westbourne Terrace.

The resurfacing of Lyddon Terrace, Lifton Place and Cromer Terrace will be complete by 9 September and use of these roads can resume.

Please consider that there will be a lot of two way traffic on Mount Preston Street during this time. Your patience is appreciated.

Resurfacing roadworks map

General information (all dates)

  • Access on these dates will be stopped without exception,
  • Pedestrian barriers will be placed at the top of each road to prevent access,
  • All areas will be manned to prevent pedestrians from entering the working area,
  • Please close the windows to your buildings during plaining. The road surface *plaining machine (this machine scrapes off old road surfacing) is noisy and kicks up some dust (the majority of dust is supressed by the machine).

The extent of all these road closures is highlighted in red on the google map image below.

During this time, access to this part of the campus will only be available via the route highlighted in green on the google map image below. This route is the Clarendon Road approach from Woodhouse Lane and onto Mount Preston Street.

Effects of this interruption

No access to roads and pavements in the vicinity of closures. Diversion signage and barriers will be installed to prevent vehicle and pedestrian access.

For enquiries please contact:

Adrian Smith, Estates Project Manager, Mobile: 07917520547.

If you have any general queries about our services or would like to add or remove a person from this email list, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 343 5555 or e-mail:

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Rosa Quintana on Parkinson steps

National Cleaning Operative of the Year award for Leeds’ Rosa Quintana

Last updated on 12 July 2022

Rosa Quintana – whose recent exhibition ‘Unobtrusive Impact’ at Leeds University Union won widespread acclaim – has been named Cleaning Operative of the Year by the British Association of Cleaning in Higher Education (BACHE). 

The award acknowledges those who have performed their role to a high degree of professionalism throughout the year, and who may have shown initiative in contributing to the student experience and outside the normal requirements of their role.

Rosa said:

“I’m very happy to receive this award and want to thank Jill Roberts, Head of Cleaning Services, for nominating me and for all her support.

“Mostly though, I want to say thank you to my colleagues in the cleaning team who let me photograph them and tell their stories. I wanted to show students, staff and visitors what we do and how essential we are to the success of the University.

“I also wanted to shine a spotlight on these amazing individuals from all over the world who are often quite ‘invisible’ – their lives, their hopes and fears.”

Professional photographer Rosa started work at the University in 2017 after coming to Leeds with her son from Spain, when he started at university in the city.

Jill Roberts, Head of Cleaning Services – part of the Facilities Directorate at the University of Leeds – said:

“Like all our cleaning team, Rosa brings skill and commitment to her work and thoroughly deserves this award.

“I was so pleased when she came to me with the idea of the exhibition, which highlights the essential role of cleaning teams everywhere.

“This was very evident during the pandemic when Rosa’s photographs were taken.  The essential functions of the University continued and my team – and many others in the Facilities Directorate – had to keep going, adapting to new guidelines.”

The award ceremony took place last night at Manchester Metropolitan University, organised by BACHE.

Praise for ‘Unobtrusive Impact’

People across the University took to email and social media to praise the exhibition:

“Really lovely work, and I particularly liked reading about some of the people in the pictures.”

(Gareth Dant, Head of Media Relations)

“I am so very proud of Rosa and what she has done for the cleaning industry….She really put us on the map. Well done to Rosa she is a really inspirational member of staff. She is very valued in our team and throughout cleaning services.”

(Theresa Fahy, Operations Team Leader, Cleaning Services)

 “This is amazing…awesome shift of perspectives, the crucial work of our cleaning colleagues.”

(Harriet Boatwright, Learning & Development Adviser)


Find out more about Rosa’s exhibition