Carla Tucker from the Sustainability Service

Ten minutes with Carla Tucker

Last updated on 16 April 2024

Meet Carla Tucker, Sustainability Project Co-ordinator. Carla is one of the Facilities Directorate’s Staff Voice Ambassadors.

The FD Staff Voice is a forum where volunteer representatives from the directorate discuss ideas, questions and concerns raised by their colleagues and work together to find solutions.

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Can you describe your role in a few sentences?

I’m the Sustainability Project Co-ordinator and a member of the Sustainability Service. My role is to manage our certified Environmental Management System (EMS), alongside the Environmental Compliance Officer. It’s a framework that the university uses to minimise risk and maximise opportunities with regards to the potential environmental impact of its activities.

My day-to-day includes building inspections, audits, reviewing EMS documents and providing EMS information to staff and students.

What is the FD Staff Voice?

The FD Staff Voice is almost like an experiment that looks to bring about positive culture change within the FD. It’s a group of people working together to make the working experience for everyone in the FD better.

Why is the FD Staff Voice important for colleagues?

It’s self-empowering. Yes, we can’t change everything, but here’s an opportunity where you can have actual input, which could potentially bring about lasting change. I know people can be sceptical when programmes like this start, but it’s something worth doing and having input in. It could make a difference.

I can appreciate that this is a long-term process, and it may take some time before you might see lasting results, but I don’t think people should be discouraged by that. Especially when you’re working in a large organisation with so many different work areas, getting everyone on the same page takes time. But we will get there.

How did you become involved in the FD Staff Voice?

I was already looking to do some volunteering work that would enable me to meet more members of staff from both inside and outside the Directorate, because a part of my role is to promote the EMS.

A manager approached me to ask if I’d be interested in representing the Sustainability Service for the FD Staff Voice programme. I read the description and thought that it sounded interesting. In a previous role, I helped with a social and sports club, so I could see the value of a programme like this and what it can create in the future.

What is beneficial about being involved in the programme?

As I said, a part of my role involves promoting the EMS, and I’ve been able to meet people from different areas to do that. It’s been useful to find out how other teams and departments function and why things are the way they are. I’ve even met someone who was able to give me advice on an issue I found in an inspection.
For me, just meeting and working with people, you really get to see their personality, which I think is really cool.

What would you like to achieve on the programme?

It’s still a new thing, so I haven’t been able to think too much about specific ambitions, but one thing I’d like to do is to work with the rest of the group to formalise processes to help the FD Staff Voice become a sustainable programme.

Even if it allows people to engage with people they don’t usually interact with, it definitely adds value.

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Closure of upper part of Cloberry Street

Last updated on 4 March 2024

The upper part of Cloberry Street will be closed from Monday 11th March to Friday 22nd March while repairs are made to manholes in the roadway.

The section of road marked in red hatching on the below plan will be temporarily closed. Diversions will be in place for the duration of the works.

Map of Cloberry Street road closure

Reason for works/service interruption

Repairs to manholes

Effects of this interruption upon building occupants

Upper Cloberry Street closed to vehicles.


For enquiries please contact: Adrian Smith
Contact Telephone No: 07917520547
If the above member of staff is unavailable or you have any general queries about our services, please contact the Estate Services Helpdesk on 0113 343 5555 or e-mail:

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Rosa Quintana with the Grounds & Gardens team.

New exhibition celebrating work of Grounds & Gardens team opens

Last updated on 16 April 2024

A photography exhibition created by a Facilities Directorate colleague that celebrates the work of the University’s Grounds & Gardens team has opened.

‘Behind the greens’, which is the work of Cleaning Services team member Rosa Quintana, will be on display in the Refectory foyer until Thursday 14th March.

Rosa, who has a professional background in photography, shadowed the team throughout the year to capture 24 striking images of colleagues working through sun, rain and snow to keep campus in top condition.

Rosa’s latest exhibition

It is the second time that Rosa has exhibited her work at the University after her 2022 exhibition ‘Unobtrusive Impact’, which focused on the vital efforts of the University’s Cleaning Services team in keeping the University safe during the pandemic.

She said:

“Gardeners make our walks around the university more pleasant. Everyone likes green areas around us. We enjoy them, we take advantage of the peace and beauty that they generate.

“We rarely stop to think who is behind it all, making possible the colours of every season. Who plants, who feeds, who takes care of and looks after the plants and trees around us?

“These people who do everything from looking after the green areas, keeping the campus clean and even the bins empty. These almost hidden people enrich our experience so subtly.”

Recognising the hard work of the team

Rob Wadsworth, Director of Campus Innovation at the University of Leeds, said:

“Rosa’s exhibition celebrates the important and often tireless work of our Grounds and Gardens team, who make sure that our campus looks its best all-year round.

“This work is an example of what our teams within our Facilities Directorate can achieve when we collaborate and shines a light on the role our directorate plays in ensuring that students and staff are in an environment where they can flourish, succeed and make a difference.”

Find out more about Rosa’s work by visiting her portfolio website.

You can share your favourite photos of the exhibition by tagging @UoLCampusDevelopment on Instagram.