Steve Sloan standing outside the Security Office

Ten minutes with Steve Sloan – Project Manager, Security Services

Last updated on 27 March 2023

Meet Steve Sloan, a Project Manager in Security Services. He helps to keep our campus safe by reviewing and recommending campus security improvements. Find out more about Steve’s involvement with the SafeZone app and the Bike register.

Describe your job in a couple of sentences.

I look for continuous improvement opportunities within the way we work, the systems and processes we use, and how we function as a service within the Facilities Directorate.

Tell us about a current project.

It’s important that the Security team on campus are equipped with all the information they need to help students and staff if they are stopped and asked a question. The team all now have handheld devices that link to our key services so that they can point to and explain resources such as SafeZone and BikeRegister. I led this work and it is making a big difference.

In general, the main focus of my role at the moment is to review and recommend improvements to campus security, everything from vehicle access to CCTV cameras. The first phase of the project will concentrate on the public spaces in and around campus and will eventually encompass all University sites.

What aspects of your work do you think are the most important to people at the University (staff/students) ?

Making sure that students, staff and visitors feel safe and that there is a structure in place that supports them when things don’t go to plan. It should be easy to get help and my role is to make sure it is.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the creativity, thinking outside the box but within the University strategies and legislation, for instance not all campus users have English as a first language and when developing the handheld devices for the team I  incorporated a translating app that will help them to communicate. A simple thing that we hope achieves a lot in terms of providing an exceptional service to everyone.

Tell us about a project you are particularly proud of.

I’m particularly proud of my involvement in the adoption of the SafeZone system. It provides an instantaneous response from Security officers to staff and students who call for help. It’s a great APP that many staff and students have already benefited from and can be used to support lone working and remote working as well as international student and campus based staff. You’ll soon be able to see the location of the LUU night bus on the app.

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