Screenshot of the facilities management service desk website

What is the Facilities Management Service Desk (FMSD)?

Last updated on 3 October 2023

The FMSD is the new online process that enables people to report maintenance jobs across the estate, and informs those who carry out the work what the jobs are. It is an integrated workflow management system.  

The Facilities Directorate bought the system from Planon, a company that offers a range of software products. They chose their Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software because it focuses on asset and maintenance management.  

The University uses the Planon system for other activities, including desk booking and space management. 

This is the first implementation of the Planon maintenance function. The next will support the University’s Health and Safety requirements. 

Is the system live?

No not yet. There is a huge amount of work going on to enable the system. Much of this is around the interface of the CAFM software with SAP and other University online systems.  

The system is housed on the Estates website and requires the design of a complex webpages linking to the CAFM software housed on the Planon website.

Who uses the FMSD?

  • Staff who would usually contact the Estates Helpdesk via phone, SAP or email to report a maintenance issue. 
  • Staff who receive and schedule maintenance jobs. 
  • The FD’s Maintenance team and external contractors, i.e those who carry out the maintenance and compliance jobs, and their managers.  

What are the benefits of the FMSD?  


  • Replacing an admin-intensive, paper-based system, the FMSD enables the assignment of jobs to colleagues such as plumbers and joiners working in the Maintenance team through their mobile device . 


  • Staff will be able to view maintenance jobs raised in their building in the system meaning that that facilities managers and others can plan, execute and monitor all activities involved in reactive and planned preventative maintenance. 


  • People logging jobs enter the system through a webpage that has clear icons prompting a set of questions related to the types of jobs. 

Enables Health & Safety: 

  • Supports the FD in keeping buildings and assets in the required technical and functional condition. A safe workplace enables everyone to do their jobs effectively. 


  • Well-maintained facilities use less energy and produce less waste.  

Helps achieve business objectives: 

Aim three of Our Way Ahead

  • We will deliver our services staying focused on the needs of our communities and on environmental and financial sustainability.  
  • We will focus our services to reflect the expectations, needs and experience of students, staff and the wider University communities while ensuring they operate in an efficient and sustainable way. 
  • Shaping our services to be focused on the experience of the user, we will continually look at opportunities to improve service delivery. 

Read the Facilities Directorate business plan – Our Way Ahead.