Investing further in our Central Teaching Spaces

  • Work began: June 2017
  • Work completed: September 2017
  • Cost: £2m
  • Contractors: NRB Construction and Management LTD.

Brief: Our commitment to improve our central teaching spaces continues with a £2m refurbishment project.

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Status: Complete

19 lecture theatres and seminar rooms within the Roger Stevens, Chemistry and Michael Sadler buildings underwent refurbishment to create modernised and inspiring places for our students to be taught in.

The project was led by the Facilities Services Team and was completed in time for the start of term in September 2017. This refurbishment is part of a further £2 million pound investment in Central Teaching Space. The new facilities include dual-image data-projection, control systems, height-adjustable lecterns and digital whiteboards as well as a general refurbishment of the décor, lighting, floor coverings and furniture.

Work took place in the following teaching spaces on campus:
Chemistry LT A  (2.15)
Chemistry LT B (2.17)
Chemistry LT D (G35)
Roger Stevens LT 01  (7.01)
Roger Stevens LT 09 (8M.09)
Roger Stevens LT 10 (9.10)
Roger Stevens LT 11 (10.11)
Roger Stevens LT 12 (10M.12)
Roger Stevens LT 13 (10.13)
Roger Stevens LT 17
Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19)
Roger Stevens LT 21 (8M.21)
Roger Stevens LT 22 (10M.22)
Roger Stevens LT 24 (10.24)
Michael Sadler SR (LG.15)
Michael Sadler SR (LG.16)
Michael Sadler SR (LG.19)
Michael Sadler RBLT (LG.X04)
Michael Sadler SR (LG.17)

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