Gair Wood

Work begins: December 2022
Work completed: February 2023
Contractors: White Rose Forest


The tree planting project at Gair Wood contributes to the White Forest increasing biodiversity, public access as well as providing research as part of the University Leeds Climate Plan.

Named after the University Secretary Roger Gair, the new woodland sees over 60 thousand broadleaved species such as oak, hazel and willow planted across a 36-hectare site.

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The Gair Wood project at the University of Leeds is a unique initiative that is transforming a neglected woodland area on the university’s campus into a vibrant and sustainable community space.

The project involves a wide range of stakeholders, including students, staff, local residents, and community groups, who worked together to create a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.

The project included a variety of activities, such as tree planting, wildflower meadow creation, bird and bat box installation, and path and seating area construction.

The goal is to enhance biodiversity, improve access, and provide opportunities for learning, socialising, and relaxation.

The Gair Wood project also includes a strong focus on sustainability, with efforts to reduce waste, use renewable energy sources, and promote environmentally friendly practices.

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